Floor stickers



Floor Stickers – an original form of advertising for malls and other public places

8-colour printing of excellent quality

Floor stickers are an effective advertising tool that will always attract the eyes of those around you. Almost everyone notices this non-standard advertising solution.

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There are many ways to use floor stickers. They can serve as an original and easy-to-use element of a location’s interior design. Decorative floor stickers will give the location liveliness and individuality, as well as highlight its design. You can use floor stickers to decorate the nursery, your hallway, living room, bathroom, as well as other locations. You will enjoy these stickers for many years to come.

Floor stickers are used:

To guide buyers to the location of a product

To inform about discounts and promotions

To brighten up the interior

As a guide for movement

As advertising media

Features of floor stickers:

Floor stickers are made from adhesive film. For durability and longevity purposes, the film is covered with a laminated material that prevents premature wear, protects against moisture and dirt.

If necessary, the stickers can be easily replaced without damaging the surface.

Our stickers are suitable for any floor covering: parquet, marble, concrete, tiles, etc.

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