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Car Decals – Let your ad always be with you

8-colour printing of excellent quality

One of the most noticeable and inexpensive forms of outdoor advertising is car decals, which is a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of your car, give it a personal touch, mask exterior defects or protect the car body from scratches.

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You can change the look of your car in a single day, as car decals are very easy to use. Believe us – car decals will definitely not go unnoticed! Just find a suitable image and send it to us. You can choose an image for your car decal from our image gallery.

Advantages of a car decals:

1) Car branding

We offer different types of car branding services – for light or heavy cars, as well as public transport. This is an effective form of outdoor advertising as cars with car decals will stand out among the rest. During this process, the car is wrapped in a special film, which has elements of the company’s identity. This not only makes the car stand out among others, but also protects its body from corrosion and minor damage.

2) Advertising on the car

We offer to make advertising stickers that will be suitable for any type of vehicle. Such advertising is very popular nowadays, because your car will attract new customers, as well as remind people about your company.

3) Funny car decals

Funny decals not only decorate your car, but also give it an original look. In addition, such images will boost your mood and that of other drivers.

4) Car wrapping

Nowadays, the most popular and fastest way to completely change the colour and style of your car is to wrap the car in film. We use only the best materials for car wrapping, so we can also provide a guarantee of durable bonding to the installed film. Our film will protect the original paint on your car, and, if or when necessary, it will be easy to peel off in order to get the car’s previous appearance.

Features of car decals:

car decals can come in any size;

We use the plotter method to create decals, which helps to accurately cut out the necessary images or letters;

Printing is done using state-of-the-art Roland 640i equipment;

MADFormat always finds the best solution for its customers. If you need any advice, our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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