Stickers, which are quite common in everyday life, serve not only as a carrier of information, but also as a great advertising tool.
During the process of printing stickers, many factors need to be taken into account, which can only be achieved by a high-quality printer:

Offset or digital printing.
Glossy or Matte Coating.
Correct Shape and Size.

3D Stickers / Polymer Stickers – extremely vivid stickers with extra volume effect

3D stickers are coated with a special polymer mass that gives a voluminous 3D effect and makes the colours more vibrant and saturated. We use polyurethane resin from Italy to make 3D stickers.

Using 3D stickers:

3D souvenirs and company identity.

Polymer pendants.

3D .

Polymer business cards.

3D flash drives.

3D identification (badges).

Shirts with a 3D logo.

Labeling of company products.

Labeling of computer tech.

Labeling of presentations, exhibitions and advertising constructions.

Any surface labeling.

Features of 3D stickers

An adhesive film or magnet is at the base of the sticker..

Available film types:

Transparent adhesive film.

Brushed silver and gold adhesive film.

Metallised adhesive film with silver or gold mirror metal surface.

The polymer sticker is waterproof and UV resistant. It does not lose its brightness and does not wrinkle.

The sticker may be of any shape and size, but must have rounded edges.

Fulfillment time: 2-3 business days.

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