Mug printing



Mug Printing – a personalized gift or company souvenir

Mugs can be printed with both text and image, and the mugs themselves can be of any colour and size. You will be able to choose from our wide selection of mugs.

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The printed mug has long been a universal gift. Choosing the right picture or inscription will make the mug a great gift for anyone: a friend, relative, colleague, boss or yourself. You can even create a whole set of mugs using different images that are united by a common theme.

It is no secret that a printed mug is also a classic form of appreciation for partners and regular customers if it has a company logo or name printed on it, or it is in the company’s colours. In the business environment, printed mugs have long been considered company souvenirs. They are also often donated as memorabilia to participants of seminars, and cups can also be donated to exhibitions, events and in honour of the opening of a facility.

MADFormat always finds the best solution for its customers. If you need any advice, our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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The price includes the mug with print

Number/pcs White / 1pcs. Coloured / 1pcs. Magic / 1pcs. Metallic / 1pcs Glass / matte / translucent
1 8.70EUR + VAT 9.50EUR + VAT 10.80EUR + VAT 10.00EUR + VAT 10.80EUR + VAT
2-10 5.20EUR + VAT 5.50EUR + VAT 8.80EUR + VAT 8.00 EUR + VAT 8.50 EUR + VAT
11-50 4.70EUR + VAT 5.00EUR + VAT 7.50EUR + VAT 6.70EUR + VAT 7.40EUR + VAT
51-100 3.70EUR + VAT 4.50EUR + VAT 6.80EUR + VAT 6.00EUR + VAT 6.50EUR + VAT
101-200 3.20EUR + VAT 4.00EUR + VAT 6.20EUR + VAT 5.40EUR + VAT 6.15EUR + VAT
Number / pcs Thermo mugs / white / silver
1 13.70EUR + VAT
2-5 11.20EUR + VAT
6-10 10.90EUR + VAT
11- 10.35EUR + VAT