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Signs and Signage – a guarantee that the new customer will come directly to you, without turning to competitors on the way!

Informative signage helps you understand where to go to get to the right place. The most common places to find informative signage is at offices, supermarkets and banks, so you can quickly find the department you need. Pointers play an important role in the first impression, as it is the first thing a visitor sees when entering a room. Such signage may contain information on the office working hours, the name of the employee and also may serve as information boards.

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Signage can also be used on the street to give you directions to your desired destination. For example, this solution is often used at excursion sites, on roads and at large shopping malls.

Signs and signage is divided into the following categories:

entrance signs;

security signs;

direction and navigation signs;

office signs;


Signs and signage is made from different materials. It all depends on the customer’s wishes. PVC plastics, composite panels or lightweight sheet metals, the thickness of which will depend on the purpose and location of application, are most often used as a base.

The image is printed straight on the surface or on coloured vinyl adhesive film, which is available in different colours, while cutting is done with a plotter. We also produce signs and signage with full colour printing.

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