Illuminated advertising



Illuminated Advertising is an ideal option for providing eye-catching 24/7 advertising

Light Boxes

This is one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising that is indispensable when it comes to creating a glamorous and noticeable outdoor or interior sign. The advantages of light boxes over other types of advertising means are their long service life, effective exposure to the consumer during the day and night and their relatively low cost.

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The image is made of light-reflecting vinyl film, so your ad will look effective, clear and bright at all times of the day. Light boxes are not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or mechanical effects. Light boxes can be hung on the wall, mounted on hangers or hung from the ceiling.

What exactly is a light box? It is a box with an advertising image on the front which is illuminated from the inside. The most common type of lighting is LEDs.

Illuminated Letters

One of the most versatile types of outdoor advertising. Light letters attract attention as they are easily visible from a great distance at any time of the day, and, unlike flat letters without light, can be attached at any height (both on the wall and on the roof).

The LEDs allow you to adjust the intensity and contrast of letter illumination, and the use of LEDs significantly reduces power consumption and network load.

Spatial letters with illumination look powerful and will definitely remain in one’s memory.

Depending on the design and type of illumination, several types of letters can be distinguished as follows:

with a glowing surface coating;

with a glowing top and side surfaces;

with lighting that is facing the wall;

with a glowing surface and lighting that is facing the wall;

spatial letters with exposed LEDs.


This is an advertising structure that is attached to a wall or facade of a building with a side part. Such a structure may be attached to street lanterns, poles or other means of support. The panel-hangers are double-sided, so they will be easily visible from different angles.

Panel-hangers can come with or without lighting (external or internal). The lighting uses technologies that are completely analogous to light boxes.

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