Photo wallpaper



Photo Wallpaper – style, elegance and thematic design for any room

8-colour printing of excellent quality

Photo wallpapers are a great way to decorate rooms and create a personalized design. They are perfect for any room! We offer photo wallpapers for walls, doors and cabinets.

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You can place any type of image on photo wallpapers. Your favourite animals, cities, landscapes and photos of the most beautiful moments in your life. Colouring wallpaper is also available for children, which will help develop the child’s creativity.

This kind of wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to maintain. Just lightly moisten a cloth and wipe the wallpaper clean.

Perfect print quality
Using Roland’s innovative technology, we guarantee the highest possible quality of photo wallpaper printing in Latvia, at 1440 dpi and an exclusive eight colour configuration: CMYKLcLm + Light Black (Lk) + White (Wh).

Have you previously considered it impossible to accurately represent black or grey colours on prints? How often has your printed photo wallpaper looked grey with an ugly green tone? Do you think that grey tones cannot be printed accurately?

We can prove that you no longer have to deal with this problem. Black and white photos and landscapes, as well as black and white images with vivid, sharp fragments – all of this is possible. Light Black ink increases the accuracy of the grey tones. It is used to obtain a photographically accurate image with smooth colour transitions.

Properties and choice of materials
By choosing this material for your photo wallpapers, you will gain an advantage when applying the wallpaper to your wall. Thanks to the highly dense material you will be able to disguise any irregularities and minor defects which are currently visible on your wall.

We offer photo wallpapers with a paper base:

Weight: 300 g/m2.

Fire protection: Class B.

Photo wallpapers are available in five different textures.

Vinyl wallpaper glue is used for application.

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