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  • Printing on alumimium
  • Printing on plastic items
  • Printing on tiles
  • Printing on wood
  • Printing on plastic
  • Printing on rubber floor mats
  • Pen printing
  • License plate frame printing
  • Golf ball printing
  • Football printing
  • Stone printing
  • Magnet printing
  • Leather printing
  • CD printing
  • Printing on glass
  • Metal printing

NEW TO LATVIA! Ultra Grip 3+ – digital printing, which knows no boundaries

Ultra Grip 3+ – digital printing with resolution up to 1440 dpi on virtually any material with thickness up to 25 cm. This world-leading innovation enables producers to create unique items and interior design elements and print a unique premium quality advertising with bright and tamper-resistant images.

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Ultra Grip 3+ options
Allows you to print on the following materials: paper, film, metal, glass, organic glass, plastic, stone, wood, leather, ceramics, plastics, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, fabric, etc.
Material size – up to 3000×1600 mm.

Print size – up to 3000 mm (edge printing).

Material thickness – up to 250 mm.

The surface material can be both smooth and embossed to 5 mm.

Printing can be in color, black and white, white, metallic

Print quality – up to 1440 dpi.

Application of Ultra Grip 3+ technology
Souvenirs: flash drives, pens, lighters, pencils, cups, umbrellas, CDs, key rings, bags.

Furniture: desks, cabinets, chairs, sofas, kitchen panels.

Finishing materials, doors, ceramic tile, laminate, parquet, building panels, stained glass.

Decoration items: blinds, mirrors, vases, paintings.

Auto and motorcycle parts: bumpers, fenders, spoilers, license plate frames.

Sports goods: Hockey pucks, sticks, balls, snowboards boards, skateboards.

Musical instruments: guitar, bass, violin, drum.

Devices: laptops, monitors, televisions, smartphones, tablets, speakers.

Clothing: shirts, hats, jackets with hooded jackets.

Binding materials: books and notebook soft and hardback.

Packaging materials: cardboard boxes, paper bags, PVC bags, textile bags, folders, binders.

Promotional products: banners, posters, stickers, direction indicators, signs, windows, boards, panels, illuminated signs.

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